North Cameroon behemoths , at night, a herd of elephants is approaching...

A pair of swans takes off.

A flock of swans

On night in Spring, little frogs hearts.

Alytes obstetrician


One night bivouac in Savannah... 



Feeding beaver


The Loire at daybreak.

Late 2013

Carillon ice produced by the breakup of ice on a frozen lake, followed by a burst spruce forest during a storm. Quadraphonic recordings made on December 23rd and 24th 


Fernando Pessoa

and so I see...
I listen without looking
China sea


Nap for that fisherman in his hut on stilts above the China Sea.

Death Clock


The great male beetle shots give regular and repeated head butts against the wood in summer.

Under water songs


under water many aquatic insects sing.

Asp Viper


This viper warns of the danger.



Month of March , chocs and cries from the wolf spiders, France.

Chants de glace


Etival Lake on a very cold morning.



One evening in the Jura in March , this male spotted a female.