This composition is multicast in order to immerse the viewer into the world of sound.
A live performance, made ​​from various abstract or concrete sounds, all recorded in nature. The idea is to create sound spaces,,identifiable or not, in which every listener ,with his personal sound experience and sensitivity will create its own sound trip..
Sound has a strong evocative power over the imagination of the listener. From a wing rustling sound to a mighty torrent into grooves, blindfolded, awake, the listener will perceive different spaces, substances and sensations that can be felt with the sound
An invitation to travel, ears wide open!
Broadcasting system: 7.1 to 12.


Film from Marion Petit, realized specially for the 27th 
-Semaine des sciences, La Charpraie
-Des images et des mots, Arboretum National des Barres
-27 & 28ème Festival de Ménigoute
-Fetsival des courants d'art
-Festival plein les sens, Maison de l'environnement de Belfort
-Festival des Bouchures
-Arco, chez P.B Cowell