- Editing and Mixing in multicast
- Documentaries Voicing
- Noises and Sound Design
- Display and creation, museography
- Sale of sounds                              
- CD Production                          
- Audio Conference and educational contribution
- Exhibitions, artistic projects...



  • In stereo or LCR for numerous captures or activities where the source is only frontlet
  • Quadraphonic and more, to be in the heart of the sound! The use of this technique gives a better a better return of a soundscape and can be used for a final mix in 5.1
  • In mono ( HF set up to hide microphone, ITV, Off voice…)
  • Use of hydrophones for taking subaquatic stereo sounds
  • Technology used: Sonosax, Nagra, Neuman seenheiser,Telinga…




  • Editing station equiped with 5.1 Genelec 8050A and above ( to 12.1) for sound creations in multiphony
  • Software mastered for the studio : Samplitude 11 PRO and Sequoia 12 compatible PROTOOLS export .omf and.aaf
  • Video Projector and Screens, for film voicing, documentaries.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.